The GIS ANDES Project

GIS Andes is a homogeneous information system of the entire Andes Cordillera, covering an area of 3.83 million km² and extending for some 8500 km from the Guajira Peninsula (northern Colombia) to Cape Horn (Tierra del Fuego). Conceived as a tool for both the mining sector, as an aid to minerals exploration and development, and the academic sector as an aid to developing new metallogenic models, GIS Andes is based on original syntheses and compilations. lith321_2
Instant Imagery™ for Geology
Villarrica volcano
Villarrica volcano - Chile
B. Behncke
Llaima volcano
Llaima volcano - Chile
B. Behncke
El Misti
El Misti - Peru
SPOT Image - F. Girault et al.
Shallow gravity structure
Shallow gravity structures

The different layers of the system, which can of course be combined in any way that the user sees fit, are both geographic and geologic (in the broad sense):

  • Geographic a DCW geographic base;
  • DEM three digital elevation models with a structural analysis of the detailed topography;
  • Imagery SPOT 4 Vegetation satellite images;
  • Geological synthesis synthetic geological map of the Andes at 1:2,000,000 scale;
  • Geological map coverage more than 1100 georeferenced maps;
  • Seismic more than 50,000 seismic records, with modelling of the subduction plane;
  • Volcanic data on the Holocene volcanism;
  • Gravimetric the Bouguer anomaly calculation; isostatic correction and corresponding residual anomalies; vertical gradient calculation and structural analysis;
  • Heat flow a base with 251 oceanic data and 239 continental data;
  • Geothermal Resources;
  • Geochemistry a geochemical database (3935 whole-rock analyses) from which it is possible, for example, to identify zones of adakitic magmatic activity a new gold metallotect;
  • Ore deposits linked to a database under Access and using a new metallogenic lexicon;
  • Mining districts and provinces location, main features, potential;
  • Geodynamics the geodynamic evolution of the Andean margin with a series of palinspastic maps from 10 Ma onwards.
The Bolivian orocline and the Nazca & Perdida ridges
The Bolivian orocline and the Nazca & Perdida ridges - ETOPO5 DEM
Illimani volcano
Illimani volcano - Bolivia
Volcano World

El Sangay
Sangay volcano - Ecuador
Volcano World
Lake Poopo
Lake Poopo - Bolivia

Bouguer anomaly