GIS Andes is a BRGM product conceived in 1997 under a development project on the metallogeny of the Andes range. It is based on original brgm syntheses concerning the geological, metallogenic, mineralogical, geophysical, geochemical, geodynamic aspects of the Andes and, for the sake of completeness, integrates data (reformatted for the GIS) that is freely accessible on US Government Agency Internet servers – cf. "Warning".

GIS Andes is now available on the market in two ways:

  1. A 'Georama' Version for PC (under GeoKiosk® from ESRI™), which is a Read Only version in which the data can be consulted in preset scenarios. It is a powerful tool, whether for research or for display, that offers parameter-defined display options. The screen-displayed data, whether text or image, can be printed and/or copied to an image editor or word processor. This version is marketed as a CD-ROM containing the whole information,  at a cost of US$1,000  and only US$500 for the academic sector.

    Georama V. 2
    New release May 2001
  2. As an ' ŕ la carte ' service, we intend to propose licensing partial or global datasets, that would be totally accessible and reusable by the customer for its own purposes. The data are in ArcView ® (ESRI™) and Access ® (Microsoft™) format. The cost of this version depends on the number of  layers involved.

    'A la carte' version
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