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The GIS Andes "Deposits" database at present contains 3301 records (last update: 09.12.2001) concerning deposits mined in the past, deposits currently under development or being mined, and projects under evaluation. The database was created both from synoptic documents – mining atlases, metallogenic maps, reports and monographs, etc. – and from information published in the specialized press (The Mining Journal, in particular). Existing digital databases were also consulted to verify and, in some cases, update a number of items. Wherever possible, the information has been cross-checked using sources of different origins. Despite being included in the database, some recent projects cannot be plotted due to lack of information on their exact location.

The core of the database having been established, it is possible to expand the database and/or enrich some of its sections with information gathered from scientific publications (journals, conference proceedings, etc.).

In developing the "Deposits" database under MicrosoftÔ Access Ò , it was necessary to create new ranked glossaries (in French, English and Spanish) to provide for data consistency. These included a gitology glossary incorporating the very latest developments of modern metallogeny, as well as a classification of deposits (metals, rocks and industrial ores) by size and substance, updated in the light of recent discoveries. The annotated deposits are divided by substance into five size-based classes in terms of POTENTIAL (contained metal or substance):

Potential = cumulative production + reserves + resources

 This prospective classification method differs from classifications based on annual production rates, which can be influenced by many economic parameters and "erase" former or abandoned large deposits (e.g. Cerro Rico de Potosi, Bolivia). The classes are based on a literature survey of the various types of known deposit for each substance (about 500 deposits worldwide were taken into account), combined with a thematic search by substance.

The GIS Andes Mineral Deposit Database

Main sources (electronic and paper) consulted for the GIS Andes "Deposits" database

The references are given in reverse chronological order, i.e. from the most recent to the oldest.

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