' la carte' Version

With the ' la carte' Version of GIS Andes the customer can purchase a licence giving him full access to all or part of the dataset, which he can then adapt to his own purposes. The prices of the different layers are as follows:

1. Mineral Deposits Database including the Mineralogy Database and information on Mining Companies available
Last update: oct. 2000
2. Geological Synthesis at 1:2,000,000 scale available US$10,000
3. Mining Districts available new US$4,000
4. Geochemical Database available US$5,000
5. Gravity (and associated layers) available US$3,500
6. Simplified Geology available US$3,000
7. Imagery (Spot 4 Vegetation - 1 x 1 km - with structural interpretation) available new US$2,500
8. Heat Flow available US$2,000
9. Geothermal Resources available new US$2,000
10. Geological Map Coverage available US$1,000
11. DEMs (30" continental and 2' oceanic),
Geography (DCW), Seismics, Holocene Volcanism
available Free of charge
Last update: 03/24/2009

The data can also be provided in MapInfo™ format, and be prepared by country, groups of countries or degrees square.
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Terms and conditions of sale:

The purchase of the present data implies acceptance of the following terms and conditions: