Georama V. 2 – May 2001

GIS Andes is a homogeneous information system for the entire Andean Cordillera, covering an area of almost 4 million km2 and extending over some 8500 km from northern Venezuela to southern Argentina. Conceived as a tool for both the mining and academic sectors, GIS Andes is based on original syntheses and compilations.

The Georama version 2 includes geographical, geological, metallogenic, geophysical layers and metadata (information on existing data, such as existing map coverage):

In Georama version 2, these data are organized in ten preset scenarios:

  1. Geography
  2. Geology
  3. Mineral deposits with simplified geology
  4. Mineral deposits with detailed geology
  5. Mining districts
  6. Satellite imagery
  7. Seismicity, volcanism, … and geothermal resources
  8. Isostasy and regional gravity structures
  9. Topo-isostatic anomalies and local gravity structures
  10. Geological map coverage
Price: US$1,000 + 50% discount on extra copies.
US$500 only for universities.
Upgrade V. 1 to V. 2: US$500.